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Hello! Welcome to a page about copyright!!


We’re sure that the people who really need to understand copyright law are not actually the ones who have come to visit this page. Oh well…

The basics

© None of the images or video files on are in the public domain.

© All of the images and video files published on are owned by us! We took it all, we own it all!

© Our content is published under licence through and, you cannot legally control the way our material is used, i.e. sell it, alter it, publish it, ‘lend’ it to the public etc. Only the copyright holder can do that. Us!

© If you contacted us directly to purchase a commercial licence you can use the images and video in whatever way you like within the restrictions of the licence agreement.


We want you to enjoy the photography and video footage but we need to make a living to keep on supplying you with new material. Fair enough!?



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